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Video is the number one way to connect with buyers, followers, and employees. Interactive video increases engagement even further and in some cases can triple conversions.

It won’t be long before interactive video will become mainstream on a TV near you. You will be able to interact with ads, make purchases using the red button and with programs using a simple click you will be able to choose what direction to take the story in (it’s all about story telling right) using branching, find out more about characters, items and locations using overlay (onscreen pop ups). Interactive video is one of the most exciting things to happen to video since YouTube.

To help you understand the functions and capabilities of interactive video you just need to remember these two things: branching and overlays.

Branching: Viewers are offered decisions and make choices tailoring their experience to their areas of most interest.

Overlays: Pop up screens that appear when clicked, providing background on a character or even the actor, information on the car they’re driving, clothes and accessories they are wearing and where to buy them and even click to purchase.

The extent that interactive video takes viewers will change storytelling forever. Imagine no more ads just content with the option to buy what you see on screen when you are most motivated to, when you see them in action.

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