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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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In the short time we have completed a wide range of video content for global market leaders, hyper growth vendors and aspiring medium sized business. We’ve produced videos for consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) and internal comms.

Everything from paid Facebook video ads and YouTube Pre-Roll ads to non-paid LinkedIn video posts right through to high end emotive explainer videos, sales demo and comparison videos as well as employee engagement and eLearning videos on both interactive video and linear video formats.

Every client comes with a unique set of circumstances and challenges, whether it’s an internally or an externally facing audience.


We get excited about every challenge and follow that through with our passion to achieve a world class outcome for our clients.

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We are in a video first constant content marketing era, video attracts, engages and converts more people than any other content media. Whether you want to attract new customers, convert more leads, retain existing customers or engage with your employees’ video is the content of choice.

Creating video can be costly and time consuming but make no mistake video is an essential tool and if procured properly will provide increased brand awareness, improved customer experience, highly effective employee engagement and deliver ROI.

Cloud Moves TV have a series of affordable video production services and solutions to ensure your business capitalises on the video first constant content era. Our solutions fit into two categories video bundles and video subscription. We have video production services for all size businesses from $ Billion enterprises to mid-market to SMB’s and are based on your video production needs and budgets.


Cloud Moves TV also pioneered video bundles and they provide a low commitment, easy entry into the world of video first constant content marketing.

We have bundles for every need and volume, although if you are looking for more than 6 videos a year then we would recommend moving to video subscription which offers additional services and a lower costs per video.

We have both fixed content video bundles and mixed content video bundles and don’t worry if you purchase one bundle and later decide you need different bundle before using up your content we can swap** the content of your bundle for another more suitable.

Bundles carry a 25% discount as standard and discount can increase based on the number of videos within the bundle.

  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Kick Starter Bundle

    Hero Content Video Bundle

    Thought Leadership Bundle

    Help Content Video Bundle

    Live Events Bundle

    CMTV News Desk Bundle

  • Interactive
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Interactive Video Kick Starter Bundle

    Interactive Video Bundle

    Interactive Shopping Cart Bundle

    Interactive Hero Content Video Bundle

    Interactive Thought Leadership Bundle

    Interactive Help Content Video Bundle

    Interactive Video Live Events Bundle

    Interactive CMTV News Desk Bundle

  • Social Media Ads
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Social Media Video Ads Mixed Bundle

    Facebook Video Ad Bundle

    Instagram Video Ad Bundle

    LinkedIn Video Ad Bundle

  • Social Media Posts
  • $ 100 Per Month
  • Social Media Video Posts Mixed Bundle

    Facebook Video Posts Bundle

    Instagram Video Posts Bundle

    LinkedIn Video Posts Bundle


We also offer a Pick ‘n’ Mix bundles for SMB's. Prices start at £900 for a three video bundle. See our shop for more information.

All bundles include

  • Fully licenced premium stock footage
  • Fully licenced high-quality animations
  • Fully licenced advanced graphics
  • Fully licenced music


*Filming outside UK requires additional costs, limited to one location shoot per month, any overnight stays and additional expenses would incur extra costs. We aim to film in one day without additional expenses and in all circumstances will inform you at concept stage if any overnight stays are necessary.

**Subject like for like bundle price, swapping for a more expensive content bundle incurs an additional cost. We will do our best to ensure your amended bundle is priced to provide amazing value for money.